MultiRogue Dev Log – Blackbox Testing Strategy

So far I’ve successfully created a build process in Grunt. Nothing too complicated so far… typescript compilation, watch, appending files into one, uglify, and browserify for the client. This will help streamline development.

Blackbox Testing

I’ve also been doing some thinking about how to leverage automatic tests to ensure that I don’t introduce regression bugs as I make major refactorings. Given that I have some ambitious ideas on how to generalize my engine to many classes of multiplayer rogue-like games, this is an investment that I think will pay off big time.

Because both the client and the server are implemented in Javascript using CommonJS for dependency management, this makes integrating both client-side and server-side code easily into same integration tests. This is giving me some very brilliant ideas. Imagine setting up a complete game scenario, including players connecting and interacting with the world, all done without the need for a complicated test setup. The client/server communication can be mocked by using direct messaging instead of sockets.

Stay tuned.


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